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Mean Girls Pen/Pencil Set

Mean Girls Pen/Pencil Set

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Each design is completed with high quality glitter in the differing shades of pink and a quote from the movie "Mean Girls". Each pen is then sealed so no glitter or decals will come off. Pens are glittered and epoxied, made to order.

Inkjoy pens come by themselves. Stainless steel pens come with an extra ink. Mechanical pencils come with a new tube of lead and 5 extra erasers. 

Inkjoy pens are refillable. You can take the black tip off and replace the ink with a new one. 

Both stainless steel pens and mechanical pencils are refillable AND interchangeable. You can take the silver tip off and replace the ink with a new one. While the tip is off, you can also take off the designed chamber and replace it with a new design. Both stainless steel pens and pencils have the same size chamber for easy mix and match!

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