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RTS 90s Tumblers

RTS 90s Tumblers

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Introducing Bee's Cups' latest collection – the Ready-to-Ship 90s Themed Tumblers! Elevate your sipping experience with these six unique stainless steel double-walled and vacuum-sealed tumblers, each adorned with a vibrant burst of 90s nostalgia.

1. **90s Vibe Collage (20oz):** Immerse yourself in a collage of iconic 90s images, bringing a wave of nostalgia with every sip.

2. **Boys Go to Jupiter (40oz):** Make a statement with the 40oz tumbler featuring black glitters, colorful space-themed decals, and a cheeky slogan, "Boys go to Jupiter."

3. **Neon Drippy Smile (14oz):** Embrace the retro vibes with a patterned wrap and a neon-dripping smiley face decal on the 14oz tumbler.

4. *Too Much Panic (20oz):** Shine on with a holographic stained glass-like pattern and a disco ball decal proclaiming, "Too Much Panic, Not Enough Disco."

5. **Talk to the Hand (20oz):** Flaunt your attitude with purple glitter, retro shapes, and a bold decal that says it all – "Talk to the Hand."

6. **Jazz (90s Togo Cup Recreation):** Revisit the classic "Jazz" design with the white glitter, teal, and purple vinyls on this 20oz masterpiece.

All tumblers come complete with a lid and straw for convenient sipping. Handmade and coated with epoxy for a glass-like shine, these tumblers are more than just drinkware – they're a trip down memory lane. Grab your favorite 90s design today and sip in style!

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