Order Updates

/Please note that newest updates get pulled to the TOP of this page. 
  • IN LINE = Your order has not yet been started. 
  • PROCESSING = Your order has been started but has not reached final layer yet
  • CURING = Your final layer has been placed and is now set to cure to ensure safety while in use. 
  • IN PACKAGING = Your order is either already in packaging, ready for postal pick up or will be on this day. 
  • PICKED UP = Your order has been picked up by USPS or UPS. We have a smaller PO and it is common for packages to sit overnight sometimes even up to two business day during busy seasons. Keep checking your tracking and do not worry. 

As of Sunday 5/12/24 

The following order numbers are IN PACKAGING:

Order #1769

Order #1775

Order #1776

The following order numbers are PROCESSING:

Order #1773

Order #1774


If you do not see your order number listed, please reach out to me via email at beescups@gmail.com.