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Tumbler Repair

Tumbler Repair

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Did you drop your favorite cup? Did you put it in the dishwasher and now it looks funky? Did your kid throw their tumbler across the room? 

No worries, I can (probably) fix it! Whether it's a small scratch or a big chip, let me repair it for you! 

Choose between whatever size I'll be repairing, wait for a shipping label to be emailed to you, pack up your cup and ship it off to me! 

If I receive the tumbler in a repairable condition, I will repair and send it back out. If I receive the tumbler and it's too far gone, I will reach out with your options. You could get a refund on the repair (minus the shipping charge) or get a new tumbler of the same size size at 60% off! 

If you have any questions about if I think your tumbler repair, feel free to email me pictures at I can remind you of the size that way as well! 

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